Terms of Service (T.O.S)


  • All clients must formally apply for a commission via an application on 7MC’s official website: https://7mcproductions.com
  • Please allow up to 2-3 months in advance of your deadline. 7MC may not be able to accept such requests if they fall within that time frame.
  • Rush orders are available and will move the order to the front of the queue. 
    • Expect an additional fee to be added for rush orders
  • NDA forms are not prohibited from our work. If you wish to incorporate an NDA contract with 7MC, please provide the necessary information inside the application.
  • Your commission will be created according to our team’s interpretation, strictly based on the references provided to us during the commission timeline. Please ensure any references & instructions for our team are thoroughly prepared in advance. Changes to the commission after invoicing will incur change fees.
  • Note that 7MC has an art and design style which is constantly evolving. Final discretion is up to 7MC’s interpretation of your references and instructions.
  • 7MC may use any commercially owned assets when creating parts of the commission.


  • An invoice will be sent to you via email and/or Discord after all references and requests are received. This will be a price that is set by 7MC based on the type and complexity of the desired product the client requests.
  • All payments are in USD and will be conducted through PayPal invoicing.
  • Payments are required to be made upfront to secure a commission slot.
  • Invoices must be paid within 72 hours, or else the commission is subject to cancellation. Contact us if you need more time.
  • Refunds or cancellations can be requested before the start of the commission but will incur a fee. 
    • Refunds and cancellations before the start of the project will be subject to a fee of 20% of the commission cost. The fee will increase proportionally to 100% of the commission cost when the commission starts.
  • Chargebacks on payments without attempting resolution will negatively reflect on the client and can lead to blacklisting.

Scheduling & Workflow

  • Commissions are generally set into three phases, each with varying levels of revisions + updates allowed.
  • During the sketch/block phase, most revisions are allowed during this time depending on the commission type. The rendering phase only allows revisions on color, lighting, and minor placement adjustments. The final rigging and animation phase allows animation and movement revisions.
  • Revisions for previous stages cannot occur once the stage has been confirmed. Updates are provided before continuing to the next phase.
  • 7MC does not maintain a revision limit within reason. If the revision is deemed too drastic by the team, then 1) an additional fee will be charged, or 2) 7MC has the right to decline the revision request.
  • Changes to the entirety of the commission’s artwork will not be made unless 7MC makes a mistake
  • 7MC reserves the right to cancel, refund, or decline any commissions at any stage for any reason.


  • For all updates, 7MC requires confirmation of approval within 48 hours of the updates/revisions.
  • If no confirmation is received within 48 hours, 7MC will continue working on the commission regardless of whether or not a response is received.
  • 7MC does not guarantee deadlines. If a deadline exists, please discuss it with the 7MC team, and the date will be considered when the client requests are received.
  • After projects are approved for final delivery, it may take 24hrs for us to provide the approved assets.
  • All timelines depend on the client’s communication speed. Failure to meet this timeline will delay completion.
  • After the product’s delivery, please ensure that you have the delivered product somewhere safe.
  • Please download your project files and save a copy somewhere safe within the delivery window.

Gifting Guidelines

  • In the scenario that audience member(s) come to 7MC requesting to commission 7MC for an asset where the value of the singular product is greater than 499.99 USD with the intent of giving the asset to a talent of their choice, the following procedures are required in order to proceed with the commission.
  • Upon receiving the commission, the audience member(s) must allow 7MC to contact the talent and reviewing the pending commission and its total value and purpose. If the audience member(s) do not wish for 7MC to contact the talent to the existence of this request, the request will be denied. Identities of the audience member(s) will be kept anonymous throughout these procedures and the duration of the commission process. If the talent is unable to be contacted by 7MC, the audience member(s)’s commission will be denied.
  • The talent will be offered the opportunity to enter the 7MC work discord server and gain creative control of the commission.
  • If the talent is unable to enter the server and gain creative control but gives consent to receiving the final product of the commission and giving the audience member(s) creative control, the audience member(s) may be invited into the 7MC work discord server and continue the commission. (7MC may still accept or deny the request at their own digression.)
  • If the talent does not give consent to receiving the product of the commission, the audience member(s)’s commission will be denied.

Licensing & Copyright

  • The client may only supply art or graphics they own or have permission to use in 7MC commissions.
  • Items or parts of a commission are not guaranteed to be included if copyright or trademark applies to the intellectual property.
  • 7MC LLC owns all copyright to the designs that are created during commissions, assets, and mascots and are allowed to publish any designs for training, social media, marketing, website, or portfolio usage. 
  • Clients cannot resell or claim any work done by 7MC as their own.
  • If the client chooses to post any of the work done by 7MC, the client must credit 7MC and the involved team members unless otherwise specified
  • 7MC will not publicly announce any NSFW commissions (i.e., WIP + Completions), nor will credits to 7MC for said commission be necessary.
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